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mental health update

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

I've always been honest about my mental health struggles. I've met people who have different mental health illnesses and made some friends, because of them I always felt alone but now I know that there are people out there who understand the meaning of taking a break and putting yourself first and not to feel selfish.

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the age of fifteen due to the loss of my grandad, my grandad was diagnosed with cancer in July 2010, he had three brain tumours. it affected me completely, I grew up not knowing who my father was and my grandad over the years took his place, I looked up to him he was the one person who I could tell my feelings and goals in life.

for a while, my mental health has gotten a lot worse, to the point that I had to take the matter in my hands to get the best diagnosis, for many years. I've struggled with high moods, low moods, I told my concerns to my counselor and she has referred me to clock view mental health hospital for an assessment for bipolar disorder later on this month.

I want to fully recover, hate not knowing what is happening inside my own body, is hard working, I've let my mental health illness affect so much of my life and doing what I like doing which is blogging, but I'm definitely going to get back into when the assessment in over.

to show my support, here is a charity, groups, services that give support If you are struggling.


Happy Tuesday. 

2 comments on "mental health update"
  1. Thank you for sharing, love. It takes guts to expose yourself to the world. You’re not alone in this.


    1. Thanks Catherine.

      I'm glad I have someone, I love your blog. x