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Friday, 22 December 2017

this christmas I decided to take part in a secret santa. created by megan, I started shopping straight after I received an email with the person's name and what the person likes. I did some online shopping. I had a lot of fun picking different things up. later this week I received a little parcel from, sophie, who very nicely brought me these cute little gifts. 

Inside the parcel, I received some chocolate, a tanya burr shadow palette. the shades are called,  'cream tea, velvet cushion, alohomora, witches cat' which are such stunning colours and creative names, I also got a makeup brush. the body shop body butter, a face cleansing mask, and some lovely smelling lip balms.  

I would like to thank, megan for making this idea, It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to doing It again next year, I would like to thank sophie for the all the lovely gifts, check out her blog too, as she will posting a secret santa. vanityandvodka

to keep updated about other secret santas that have organised, click here for the full list of people who have done It this year.

merry christmas everyone. xo

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